Geert Dehoux, pianist.


1. Personal Information

Full Name: Geert Norbertus Maria DEHOUX HADERMANN

Nationality: Belgian

Place of Birth: Antwerp, Belgium

Date of Birth: 2/12 (Dec.)/1958

Marital Status: Married

Home Address: BELGIUM (EUROPE)


Driving Licence.

2. Qualifications



1. Primary School Leaving Certificate, St. Jan Berchmanscollege, Puurs

2. Middle School Certificate, St. Jan Berchmanscollege, Puurs

3. High School Leaving Certificate, College of Arts, Antwerp

4. Entrance Exam to the University, College of Arts, Antwerp



1. Music Theory Diploma Advanced Level ( 98%), Boom Council Music Schoo

2. Piano Diploma (Grade M.B.) ( 95%), Boom Council Music School

3. Music Theory Diploma 1st Prize (93%), Flemish Conservatory of Music, Antwerp

4. Teaching Certificate Theory of Music El. and Advanced Level, Meise Council School    

     of Music and Dance

5. Harmony Diploma, Royal Conservatory of Music, Brussel

6. History of Music Diploma, Royal Conservatory of Music, Brussels

7. Piano Diploma 1st Prize, Royal Conservatory of Music, Brussels

8.Teaching Certificate Piano Elementary Level, Boom Council Music School

9.Teaching Certificate Piano Advanced Level, State Academy of Music, Brussels



1. Esperanto Diploma Elementary Level ( 90%), City School of Languages, Antwerp

2. Esperanto Diploma Advanced Level ( 96%), S.C.V.O.- Languages, Antwerp

3. Spanish Diploma Specialisation Year, Chamber of Commerce, Brussels

 4. Dutch Diploma Advanced Communication Techniques ( 90%), Chamber of Commerce,


5. English Diploma Advanced Level ( 93%), Chamber of Commerce, Brussels

6. French Diploma Advanced Level ( 89%), Chamber of Commerce, Brussels

7. German Diploma Elementary Level ( 93%), Chamber of Commerce, Brussels

8. English Diploma Specialisation Year ( 93%), Chamber of Commerce, Brussels

9. French Certificate Test DALF, Alliance Française, Brussels


3. Honorary distinctions


1. 1979 Winner of the "Belgian King's Prize" presented by the "Belgische Stichting   


2. 1981 Belgian Cultural Representative of "la Universala Esperanto Asocio"(UEA)

3. 1982 Ambassador of Benelux for International Friendship, elected for life

4. 1982 Honorary Member of the "European Piano Teachers Association" (EPTA)

5. 1985 Honorary Member of "A Academia Internacional de Música", Rio de Janeiro, Brasil,

    presented by H.E. Consul General of Belgium Mr Victor Bernard.

6. 1987 Honorary Distinction from the Universidad del Cauca, Colombia, for my concert at

    the First International Piano Festival in Popayán, Colombia.

7. 1988 Honorary Diploma from the "Universala Esperantokongreso" in Rotterdam, The

    Netherlands, for my cultural contribution.

4. Professional experience


In Belgium:

1. 1977-1978 Music Teacher St. Lutgardis College, Brussels

2. 1978-1979 Piano Accompanist City Institute and City School of Ballet, Antwerp

3. 1979 Music Teacher and Representative at Teachers' Council and Management PIVA,


4. 1978-1981 Music Theory Teacher Advanced Level and Piano Teacher, Willebroek

    Council Academy of Music

5. 1980-1982 Piano Teacher Bornem Council Academy of Music

6. 1981-1982 Piano Teacher College of Arts, Antwerp

7. 1982-1983 Piano, Piano-Accompaniment and Practical Harmony Lecturer Royal

    Flemish Conservatory of Music, Antwerp

8. 1982-1984 Piano Teacher College of Arts, Brussels

9. 1980-1985 Piano Teacher Boom Council Academy of Music

10.1981-1984 Esperanto Teacher City School of Languages (SLT), Antwerp

11.Several times Member of the Jury of various Academies of Music, Colleges of Arts and

    the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Music, Antwerp.

12.In the early 1980s I was an active concert pianist. I gave solo concerts in Europe

    (Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, France, Hungary), Mexico and both North and

     South America (Canada, USA, Venezuela, Brasil, Argentina).


In Colombia:

1. 1985-1986 Advanced Teacher Piano at the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, in co-

    operation with ICM (Inter-governmental Commission for Migration, Geneva, Switzerland)

2. 1986-1987 Translator and Cultural Advisor at the Corporación Biblioteca Pública de


3. 1988-1989 Piano Lecturer at the Conservatorio del Quindío, Armenia, as volunteer from

    Volens (Volunteers for Education)

4. 1989-1991 Piano Lecturer, Head of Piano Department and Artistic Director at the

    Conservatorio del Quindío, Armenia, sent as Expert by the V.V.O.B. (Flemish Association

    for Training Programmes Abroad)

5. 1987-1988 Concerts in almost all Colombian cities in solo recitals and duo (with Maestro

    Christian DRIES, bassoon).

6. During my six years in Colombia, I gave master classes at several universities, often

   combined with recitations about music, especially by Flemish tone poets.

7. In 2001 I gave a master class at the Universidad Nacional de Santafé de Bogotá.


Back in Belgium :

1. 1991-now: I have dedicated these years to searching for, studying and recording of

    hundreds of musical works, many of which have so far been unknown. I have found

    amongst them many germs by Flemish and foreign composers, some not yet famous.

2. I have also devoted myself to renewed and intensive study of the piano, stressing both

   the technique and the interpretation and enlarged the field of my general musical


5. Interests and activities



1. Collection of 3000+ gramophone recordings and1000+ CDs, videos of concerts   

    and opera;

2. In possession of hundreds of valuable scores, some very rare;

3. Composing several piano-transcriptions, variations for solo piano and jazz adaptations.

4. I am very interested in Latin American music (from mambo through salsa, cumbia,

    merengue, vallenatos, música llanera, música andina, tangos, mariachis to the great

    Mexican tenors from the past).

5. In possession of a modest collection of South American musical instruments (mainly Indian

    flutes) and original old bells.



1. Reading: poetry, philosophy, spirituality, art and science literature

2. Collect antique household objects


6. Extracurricular activities


1. 1978 Private lessons from Maestro Aldo Ciccolini in Paris, France.

2. 1981 Member of the Steering Committee of the Antwerp Esperanto Group "La Verda


3. 1982 Invited twice by Maestro Georges Cziffra to open his International Music Festival,

    Senlis, France.

4. 1983 - After the completion of my studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels I

    was an active participant in a Master Class given in Paris by Maestro Daniël Wayenberg.

    This was organised by Radio France, at the invitation of the "Fondation Samson François".

5. Issued a solo LP featuring works by Villa-Lobos (Rudepoêma), Liszt (Mazeppa), Benoit

    (Third Fantasy) and Sibelius (Lullaby). This received brilliant critiques from the national

   and international press (see attachments).

6. 1984 Invited by the Hungarian authorities to track down unpublished piano

    compositions by the Hungarian tone poets Ernö Dohnányi and Ferenc Liszt in the library

    of the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest.

7. 1995 Took a jazz course at the Music-Institute of Overijse.

8. 1998 During the academic year I participated in singing lessons given by the counter

    tenor Peter Ickx.

9. 2002 Certificate of attending the seminar "Working on Cruise Ships" by Info-Cruise

    International, The Netherlands.

10.2006 I gave a master class at the Faculty of Music at Silparkorn University, Bangkok,


11.Received recommendations and appreciation from famous pianists (including György

    Cziffra, Arcadi Volodos, Aldo Ciccolini, Emil Gilels, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Alexis Weissenberg,

    Ingrid Haebler, Daniel Wayenberg, Radu Lupu) and Belgian and foreign ambassadors and

    Belgian and foreign top-politicians.

12.All my concerts, whether in Belgium or abroad, featured one or more works by Flemish

     tone poets, which was always appreciated by the press and public alike.

13.Gave many world premières of works by Flemish and foreign composers (including Jan M.

    A. Hadermann, Jozef Schampaert, Frans Dehoux, Carl Verbraeken, Frederick Marriott, Blas

    Emilio Atehortúa). Several of these composers also dedicated work to me.

14.Over the last four years I have gained knowledge of different computer music


15.In contrast to public opinion Esperanto is a very useful and practical language. I have

    always defended it within Belgium and abroad.

16.I am planning to write a book about my experiences during my six-year stay in Colombia.

17.I finished a book (700 pages) about the art of piano playing.



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