GEERT N.M. DEHOUX HADERMANN was born in Antwerp (Flanders, Belgium) on Dec. 2nd, 1958 and grew up in a wide artistic environment.

He studied at the Colleges of Arts both in Antwerp and Brussels before going to the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, where he obtained several Diplomas of Music, amongst which the First Prize for Piano.

After his studies, he worked together with Daniël Wayenberg (Fondation Samson François) and Aldo Ciccolini in Paris.

During the following years he received several international Honorary Distinctions: Benelux-Ambassador for International Friendship, Honorary Member of the ‘European Piano Teachers Association’, Honorary Member of ‘A Academia Internacional de Música’ (Rio de Janeiro), Honorary Distinction of the Universidad del Cauca (Colombia) and others, the most important of which was ‘The Belgian King’s Prize’.

It is worthy of note Geert Dehoux is the only pianist in Belgian history who has ever been granted this honour.

In the early eighties he was an active concert pianist, giving solo recitals all over Europe, Mexico and both North and South America, often performing for radio and television as well. Everywhere he earned great public success and had a brilliant press.

He also received recommendations and high appreciation from a wide range of world-famous concert pianists.

Hearing an audition in 1982, the great Hungarian pianist Georges Cziffra proposed him to open his International Music Festival with a piano-recital for two successive years.

In 1983 his solo LP got brilliant critiques from both national and international press.

A year later he was invited by the Hungarian authorities to track down unpublished piano compositions by Franz Liszt and Ernö Dohnányi at the library of The Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest.

From 1985 till 1992 he resided in South America where, apart from giving concerts, he worked as a university Professor (in co-operation with a Swiss intergovernmental commission), as a cultural advisor, as head of the piano department and as artistic director at a conservatory of music (sent as an expert by the Belgian government).

He also gave master classes at several universities and recitations about music, especially by Flemish tone poets.

Geert Dehoux gave many world premières of works by Flemish and foreign composers (including Jozef Schampaert, Jan M.A. Hadermann, Carl Verbraeken, his own father Frans Dehoux, Frederick L. Marriott, Blas Emilio Atehortúa).  In turn several of these composers also dedicated work to him.

In 1988 he retired from the scene and devoted himself to renewed and intensive study of the piano, with emphasis on both technique and interpretation. He extended the scope of his general musical knowledge, applying himself to more refined music and doing research into unknown works of Flemish and foreign composers.

What was meant as one sabbatical year became twenty of them: since 1988 he has spent his years searching for, studying and recording a great number of musical works, many of which have been unknown so far.


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